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Festival Internacional de Cine de Estambul - Cine Turco

Films presentados en el festival ISKV para la sección “Cine Turco”.

Beyond the Hill

Director: Emin Alper
Guión: Emin Alper
Reparto: Tamer Levent, Raha Özcan, Mehmet Özgür
Cinematografía: George Chiper
Edición: Ozcan Vardar
Título original: Tepenin Ardi
Producción: Turquía | 2012
Duración: 94 minutos

Sinopsis (Inglés):
Known for his short films Rıfat and The Letter, Emin Alper’s debut feature Beyond the Hill premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. After his retirement Faik returns to his hometown in the country and starts to work the land he inherited from his grandfather. A sharecropper nomadic family takes care of his lands and his flock of goats. His son and his two grandsons arrive on a hot summer day for vacation only to witness Faik heatedly quarrelling with the neighbouring nomads.

I flew, you stayed

Director: Mizgin Müjde Arslan
Reparto: Halime Arslan, Şükrü Arslan, Mizgin Müjde Arslan
Título original: Ez firiyam tu ma li cih
Producción: Turquía | 2012
Duración: 81 minutos

Sinopsis (Inglés):
“I spoke privately with my grandmother about my father. My grandfather prohibited us to speak about him at home. It was as if he no longer existed... One day I travelled to Armenia for a forum. I met someone who grew up in an Iraqi refugee camp. I asked them about my father. One of them replied excitedly, ‘I know him. He is my father.’ This film is the story of a woman looking for a father, whom she never met. On her journey from Istanbul to Maxmur, she wonders about the kind of man her father was, what his past was, and if he loved her. This adventure forces her to confront her closest relatives.


Director: M. Tayfur Aydın
Guión: Tayfur Aydin
Reparto: Necmettin Çobanoglu, Bilal Bulut, Serdar Orcin
Cinematografía: Emre Konuk
Música: Mustafa Biber
Título original: İz-Rêç
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 90 minutos

80-year-old Şeristan lives an ordinary life in a shanty in Istanbul with her son Mirza, and her grandchildren Hevi, Leyla, and Meryem. One morning, following a nightmare, Şeristan, her son Mirza and her grandchild Hevi, set on a journey to Batman, from where they were forced to leave 20 years ago. All the facts of Şeristan’s life, which she pursued as a secret, are revealed during this trip. Mirza’s biggest challenge is to live up to his promise she gave to his mother. On the other hand, Hevi constantly quarrels with her father as she doesn’t want to travel. Traditions, beliefs, taboos, or Şeristan who is a mother regardless of everything; whose wish will be fulfilled?

Night of Silence

Director: Reis Çelik
Guión: Reis Çelik
Reparto: Ilyas Salman, Dilan Aksüt, Sabri Tutal
Cinematografía: Gökhan Tiryaki
Edición: Reis Çelik
Título original: Lal Gece
Producción: Turquía | 2012
Duración: 92 minutos

Night of Silence is a striking film that focuses on child brides, a most common problem which should never fall off the radar. The story starts with an opulent village wedding in Anatolia. Folk dances, firing guns… and the audience faces the 55-60 year-old groom who couldn’t get married as he spent years in prison, and a child bride, alone in a room. The mood in the room is not what the groom anticipates. The bride struggles to put the groom off and overcome her fears using her wit… The audience stays up all night until the morning with these two people in the nuptial chamber.


Director: Raşit Çelikezer
Guión: Raşit Çelikezer, Nuans Celikezer
Reparto: Erkan Avci, Berkan Demirbag, Yusuf Berkan Demirbag
Cinematografía: Ali Özel
Edición: Ahmet Can Cakirca
Título original: Can
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 106 minutos

Una joven pareja vive felizmente en Estambul, pero su decisión de comprar un niño en el mercado negro pone en peligro su futuro juntos. (FILMAFFINITY)

2012: Festival de Sundance: Premio Especial del Jurado (largometrajes internacionales)


Director: Zeki Demirkubuz
Guión: Zeki Demirkubuz, Fyodor Dostoevsky
Reparto: Sarp Apak, Ufuk Bayraktar, Murat Cemcir
Título original: Yeralti
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 107 minutos

Sinopsis (Inglés):
Muharrem pressgangs his old friends into inviting him to dinner, no matter that he hates and is hated by them. The dinner starts off with a few harmless gibes and trivial shows of bravado; but as time wears on and heads become fuddled, the conversation progresses steadily into the inglorious past. Old grievances come tumbling out into an ugly showdown. As the night becomes charged with tears, anger and regret, the outrage spills onto the dark streets, into sleazy hotel rooms. Although they’re in league and he’s on his own, Muharrem has made up his mind. Either the filth is cleaned up that night or he dies. Otherwise he’ll never be rid of this sense of shame. Through his character inspired from Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground, Zeki Demirkubuz examines the existential problems of the individual.

Voice of my father

Director: Orhan Eskiköy, Zeynel Dogan
Guión: Orhan Eskiköy
Reparto: Basê Dogan, Gulizar Dogan, Zeynel Dogan
Cinematografía: Emre Erkmen
Edición: Orhan Eskikoy, Cicek Kahraman
Título original: Babamin sesi
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 87 minutos

Sinopsis (Inglés):
After the much talked about On the Way to School, Orhan Eskiköy and Zeynel Doğan return with another inspired-by a real life-story film which tells the story of Doğan’s family. Chronicling the 30 year history of a Kurdish Alewite family, Voice of My Father is about a son who searches for his own voice through the cassette tapes that his father sent from abroad. Through the audio archives of a family who had to migrate to Elbistan after the Maraş pogroms, the film portrays what had happened between 1979 and 2009. Voice of My Father, which premiered at Rotterdam Film Festival, had received two awards at the 5th Meetings on the Bridge.

2012: Festival de Rotterdam: Sección oficial largometrajes a concurso

Where is My Mother Tongue?

Director: Veli Kahraman
Guión: Veli Kahraman
Reparto: Mustafa Kahraman, Hatice Kahraman
Cinematografía: Metin Dag
Edición: Veli Kahraman
Música: Kemal Kahraman
Título original: Ana Dilim Nerede?
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 61 minutos

Elderly Mustafa learns that his mother tongue is facing extinction and he regards himself responsible for this fact as he couldn’t teach this language to his children. During the days that he must to rest due to his illness, while obligated to confront the idea of reaching the final years of his life, he decides to record his language which fades away, as much as he would recall. Observing a middle class family, Where is my Mother Tongue? examines an actuality that cannot be hidden anymore following years of restrictions on speaking one’s own language even at home and the effects of the cultural trauma created by the official policies in Turkey.


Director: Muzaffer Özdemir
Reparto: Kanbolat Görkem Arslan, Muzaffer Özdemir, Muhammet Uzuner
Título original: Yurt
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 76 minutos

Sinopsis (Inglés):
This is the directorial debut of Muzaffer Özdemir, Palm d’Or awarded actor of Uzak / Distant (2002) by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, and also an actor in the Ceylan films Kasaba / The Small Town (1997) and Clouds of May (1999). Doğan, a pessimistic and neurotic architect, falls ill while camping with his friends nearby Istanbul. His doctor advises travelling. Longing for his homeland, Doğan sets off on a short break to the town of his childhood, whence he did not have the opportunity to visit since years. But not even the countryside has escaped the homogenising concrete web cast by the modern technological age and liberal mentality inimical to the Earth.


Director: Elif Refiğ
Guión: Elif Refiğ
Reparto: Ugur Uzunel, Sitare

Edición: Evren Lus
Título original: Ferahfeza
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 97 minutos

Working as a provider at the shipyards in Tuzla with his authoritarian father Raif and cunning friend Kısmet, Ali is a 20-year-old man, a dreamer. He has formed a habit of interpreting coincidences and collecting signs for a better life as he reluctantly obeys his father’s requests. One night, at a hilltop where he and Kısmet frequent, Ali climbs up a tower to better see the town. As he looks around, he notices an unfinished graffiti depicting a ship. Ali is now convinced that he has to find the person who has drawn the graffiti, and that this person will help Ali find “Vamos” to accompany him at his journey to far away.

Present Tense

Director: Belmin Söylemez
Reparto: Sanem Öge, Senay Aydin, Ozan Bilen
Título original: Şimdiki Zaman
Producción: Turquía | 2012
Duración: 110 minutos

Sinopsis (Trailer):
Familiar to the Festival audience with her documentaries, Belmin Söylemez in Present Tense tells the story of a young woman who is in search for her lost hopes. Like many in our society, Mina is jobless, lonely, and unhappy. She wants to escape to the USA and start from zero; a familiar feeling to most of us. But how? She needs money, documents and a visa. She applies to a fortune-telling café –lying that she has experience. While she reads the coffee cups of many different women, she also tries to find a way out herself. Through the shapes emerging in coffee cups, she expresses her own frustrations and desires to match with those of the customers. Will she be able to get away from present tense and try her luck for the future?

The Pomegranate

Director: Ümit Ünal
Guión: Ümit Ünal
Reparto: Serra Yilmaz, Irem Altug, Idil Firat
Cinematografía: Turksoy Golebeyi
Música: Selim Demirdelen
Título original: Nar
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 81 minutos

Sinopsis (Inglés):
We all differ from each other like pomegranate seeds: We are both similar and distinct, yet we are still like a whole pomegranate. The Pomegranate calls upon you to reconsider your understanding of justice; all the characters of the film come to terms with their pasts with some action and some fantastic elements. Telling the story of a woman seeking her own justice, The Pomegranate questions the justice of four people with different beliefs trapped in a house, over the course of half a day and in their own realms of faith.

(Fuera de Competición)

Director: Erdogan Kar
Guión: Erdogan Kar
Reparto: Aytaç Öztuna, Emre Özcan, Yavuz Akçay
Cinematografía: Sinan Güngör
Edición: Erdogan Kar
Título original: Kadife
Producción: Turquía | 2012
Duración: 90 minutos

Sinopsis (Inglés):
The war in the east and south east of Turkey has been going on for 30 years, claiming a life in almost every family. Grandmother “Kadife” (Velvet) has also lost members of her family. After her son Celal is killed in the mountains, her grandson Gül Cemal follows the footsteps of his father and joins the PKK fighters. From now on only two things matter for Kadife: firstly the continuation of her family and secondly to embrace the only living memory of her son, Gül Cemal. Ever resolute, Kadife is willing to bring her grandson back even if she would have to take a journey to the mountain. This is the first feature of, writer, director, academician Erdoğan Kar, since 1986.

(Fuera de Competición)
Last Stop Salvation

Director: Yusuf Pirhasan
Reparto: Belçim Bilgin, Demet Akbağ, Asuman Dabak
Título original: Kurtuluş Son Durak
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 104 minutos

In his first feature film Last Stop Salvation, director Yusuf Pirhasan draws attention to the hot button issue of all types of escalating violence against women in Turkey. Humorously telling that women subjected to violence –be it physical or psychological– are stronger when they unite, the film presents the provocative and fantastical story of six women. Abandoned by her fiancé two weeks before their wedding, psychologist Eylem moves in an apartment building aptly named “Bliss” and thus changes the lives of resident women by causing them to question their lives.

(Fuera de Competición)
To Better Days

Director: Hasan Tolga Pulat
Reparto: Sebahat Adalar, Luran Ahmeti, Can Akkurt
Cinematografía: Onder Sengul
Música: Toygar Isikli
Título original: Güzel Günler Göreceğiz
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 112 minutos

Eighteen year-old Cumali kills his sister in accordance with honour codes. Ali loses his professional boxing license because of his participation in illegal street fights. Figen, whose real name is Mediha, works in a sewing house in one of Istanbul’s slums. İzzet is the senior superintendent at the immigration office. Anna, who has come to Turkey with dreams of finding a job and a piece of mind, finds herself in the prostitution business. To Better Days chronicles a single day in Istanbul where these five characters cross paths and inadvertently affect each other’s lives.

(Fuera de Competición)
In Flames

Director: Murat Saraçoğlu
Guión: Murat Batgi, Koray Caliskan
Reparto: Osman Sonant, Nesrin Cavadzade, Serif Sezer
Cinematografía: Gokhan Atilmis
Edición: Erkan Erdem
Música: Levent Günes, Isin Kucur, Erol Mutlu
Título original: Yangın Var
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 99 minutos

In Flames is the humorous story of the daily prejudices people have about ethnic identities, and displays that the problem is not between people and could be easily resolved. This delightful road comedy tells the story of a man from the Black Sea region in the northeast who travels to Diyarbakır, a city in the southeast, to claim a fire engine donated to his town to replace the old broken one. Fireman Koşman finds himself in Diyarbakır on a summer day when he is assigned to bring the fire engine to Trabzon. On the way back from his reluctant assignment driving the fire engine, he will have a mysterious guest, 1,000 kilometers of gorgeous scenery and an extraordinary adventure.

(Fuera de Competición)
The Extremely Tragic Story of Celal Tan and His Family

Director: Onur Ünlü
Guión: Onur Ünlü
Reparto: Engin Alpates, Tansu Biçer, Cengiz Bozkurt
Edición: Ahmet Can Cakirca
Música: Atilla Özdemiroglu
Título original: Celal Tan ve Ailesinin Aşırı Acıklı Hikayesi
Producción: Turquía | 2011
Duración: 99 minutos

The film, which would not be found odd by those who are familiar with Onur Ünlü’s sense of cinema via his previous films, brings an absurd story on screen, subtly making fun of all the institutions and situations included in the film. A Professor of Constitution Law, Celal Tan, loved and looked up to by his family and those around him, gets married to his young student whose life he saved, following the death of his first wife. His family organises a surprise birthday party for his 65th birthday. However, the events before the party would change the lives of all family members.

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